Aisha Wallace-Riley

 is a native of Brooklyn, New York who lived in South Carolina, and now resides in Charlotte, NC. In 2018 she decided to implement a long-term dream and open a barber/salon grooming shop business in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s bringing her up north, down south talent to the big city.

For the past nineteen years, Mrs. Wallace-Riley has worked in the barbering and natural hairstyle (e.g., locs) industry. She is licensed in North Carolina. After seeing her husband working long hours day-after-day and never seeming to have time for himself, she figured that other men must have the same problem (as her research verified). She realized that men also needed more than just basic haircuts.

As a mother of two (girls), Aisha observed that she spent perhaps too much of her time catering to them, and, at times, even to herself. Her husband was never part of the equation, and … “Relaxations Grooming Bar,” that’s when this line of thought, evolved to service and groom men and women together under one roof. Relaxations Grooming Bar is designed to balance the equation…to give men the same downtime that women often enjoy; effectively to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle that we all experience (some call it pampering).

Traditional services include haircuts, razor shaves, locs, braids, and shoe shines.  Pampering services include massages, facials, and hand and foot care.  To accentuate the style of the impeccably groomed male or female, Relaxations Grooming Bar offers an array of services for both men and women.  As customers wait for service, they can relax in an environment in the lounge area with a variety of music, and a large screen television. Relaxations Grooming Bar offers membership packages that include discounts for all services.